MovieStarPlanet Safety Guidelines

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Summary: The MovieStarPlanet safety measures place constant checks on inappropriate behavior and abusive content on the site. As a consequence, users can stay protected from all kinds of unworthy activities.

Ensuring utmost safety and security for the users is one of the major goals of the MovieStarPlanet management team. As the target users of this virtual social interface are mostly children, the presence of optimum safety parameters is an obvious pre-requisite. Moreover, the safety parameters implemented in this particular social networking interface completely adhere to the international standards of safety. Apart from that, the presence of live moderation, throughout 24 hours, can be accounted for its unprecedented popularity among users. Therefore, while accessing the interface, children are safe and secure from the most unworthy netiquettes.

Know the safety measures

The MovieStarPlanet safety framework encompasses quite some beneficial aspects. Apart from effective monitoring of the site, reporting unworthy behavior, use of abusive language and offensive content is encouraged. Moreover, users in a community are eligible for access to a Safety information area and know the activities of the live safety moderators. Designed in a unique way, the safety parameters of MovieStarPlanet render useful assistance in providing behavioral rules and regulations to children.


  • The safety measures at MovieStarPlanet embrace all the necessary facets and successfully amalgamate them in creating the five most essential pillars of safety. Firstly, advanced monitoring and filtering of inappropriate content is present. Apart from that, the second most significant pillar is the self-control systems. These are useful in providing effective self-help measures to the users.
  • The presence of live moderation by highly skilled experts ensures the absence of unworthy activities or use of abusive speech. For ensuring an additional security for children, parental control and monitoring are also available. Finally, the safety team of the site renders useful external cooperation, in times of need.
  • Now, to ensure optimum levels of security, live moderators leave no stone unturned to perform an active content search. Additionally, there are various alerts, usable by parents, in case of an alarming situation. They can just send an email reporting the unworthy behavior of some users.
  • Well, the site has a complete inventory of Blocked or Alert words. Using these words or utterances in the chat rooms or forums is strictly prohibited. On the occasion of its usage, safety moderators will receive instant notifications.
  • In case you want to block a user, you will just have to click on the Report Bad Behavior icon. The representation of the icon is a yellow exclamatory mark. After clicking on the icon, the user will have to report the event or nature of law violation of unworthy behavior. The highly efficient safety management team of the site will block the IP address of the computer, preventing that particular user create another registration, from a different profile.

Worthy association with law

In terms of offering proper safety for children, the MovieStarPlanet safety management team possesses a great working relationship with the police departments of the countries they operate in. Apart from that, they also have strong associations with the Law Enforcement Agency of the country. Furthermore, great connections with several NGOs, working towards online child safety and protection, add to their efficient functionality. Therefore, online child safeguarding reaches to unsurpassed heights with the use of these safety parameters.


How To Change Clothes On MovieStarPlanet

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Summary: Apart from clicking on your avatar, there are other significant steps to undress and redress your Moviestar. Follow the change clothes MovieStarPlanet guides for easy changing of costumes.

While engaging in an exciting play session at MovieStarPlanet, you will come across various special features of the game. Among some of the enthralling ones, you can choose to change the clothes of your avatar to break the monotony of the same outfit. Now, with the unique designs of the virtual interface, the procedures for changing outfits are not that tough. Moreover, lucid instructions are available, rendering great assistance at every step of the process. For an efficient execution of the process, you will have to follow the steps diligently. As the first move, you will have to click on the avatar, representing you.

Guides on changing


Following the change clothes MovieStarPlanet guides will lead you towards perfect execution of the process. After selecting your avatar, it is time for you to choose the Change Clothes button. As soon as you do this, you will come across a plethora of options in clothes. Change the present costume and select the ones you want to wear now. Prior to putting on the new outfit, efficient removal of the previous one is important. Click on the avatar and subsequently, the My Stuff button. The purple shirt icon signifies your wardrobe.

  • While removing the previous costume, to change into the new one, you need to be careful about certain aspects. Especially during the removal of quaint hair accessories, special care should be taken so that your hair does not get removed.
  • For an efficient removal of each item, keep on clicking the previous ones, and replacing them with the new ones. Once you choose the new outfits, put them in your avatar. You can have a look after dressing them with the new ones. Go for another change, in case you don’t like the appearance of your avatar.
  • Now, after choosing the costume, it’s time for the accessories. In case you don’t like blond streaks, you can go for the hair updos, such as; messy buns. After you complete this selection, its selection time for other accessories, such as earrings or hair accessories.
  • The most significant part of dressing is shoes. You have to click on the Pair of shoes of your choice. Plethora of options is available in various fits, designs, and colors. Apart from that, you can also make other changes, as changing sunglasses and makeup.
  • After completion of the process, you will have to click the OK button to confirm the change. Prior to that, ensure complete satisfaction on the change.

Changing outfits for popularity

While going though the change clothes MovieStarPlanet options, you will encounter a complete inventory of stunning costumes. Moreover, users implement rapid dressing changes on their avatars. Moreover, apart from costumes, a host of accessories, shoes, makeup enhancements and other things are present. Rapid costume changes assist you in carving a separate niche for your style and fashion. Moreover, you can place your avatar on the top of the popularity charts, with distinguished dressing. Dress nicely and be yourself. That’s all you need to gain popularity among your peers, friends and other players.



Do MovieStarPlanet Cheats Really Work?

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With rapid advancement in technology, each day witnesses the creation of brand new gaming challenges and social online play stores. Now, among the available range of options, very few cater to the demands and choices of children. In this regard, the MovieStarPlanet packs in great excitement and fun for kids, as well as offer them a unique online playground. That is not all; each kid playing the game acquires the role of a movie star, and can possess movies to their credits. Moreover, the game is available for free. However, to engage in a more enthralling and exciting gaming journey, players can make use of the cheats and hacks available for the game.

Know the positive features

1To make the MoviestarPlanet work, you have to add star coins and diamonds to your account. Now, to do this, you need an efficient installation of MovieStarPlanet cheats. For an unlimited reserve of diamonds, star coins, you have to take the assistance of the online generators, available for the game. Mostly, the game sites will offer you with the option of an online generator. You just need to fill in your requirements, provide your username and click to generate your subscription.

  • Offering an exciting interface for the gamers, the cheats of the game aggravate the entire gaming experience. Moreover, with effective utilization of the cheats, you can get uninhibited amounts of star coins and VIP subscriptions in your account, completely free of cost. Where else, you might have to exorbitant prices for the game.
  • Highly skilled and experience coders of the game have created the game cheats in a unique manner. The hacks and cheats of the game let you aim for the apex of the game. Moreover, the gaming database determines the functionality of the cheats.
  • Along with an inventory of personal data of other gamers, your account remains in complete security. Furthermore, with every addition of diamond and star coins reserves to your account, your account details are automatically updated.
  • Another most intriguing feature of the game is that the cheats offer a complete hassle-free functionality. Moreover, with efficient aid of the online cheats generator, you are eligible to have a risk-free addition of currencies to your account.
  • The lucid functionality of the currency generator is one of the most significant aspects, required for an enthralling session of gaming. With some of the online cheats generators, you can fill your accounts easily. Also to this, the online generators undergo efficient upgradation, at regular intervals.

Range of vip subscriptions

Participating in MovieStarPlanet and enjoying fun sessions of gaming with your friends is no longer a tough job. Moreover, some of the uniquely designed online generators of moviestarplanet cheats offer great options of currency addition to your game account. In case, you want to subscribe to vip reserves, there are various lengths of the subscription, for you to choose from. You can choose the one month susbscription for a great gaming experience. Well, in case of longer duration, you have three, six and twelve month’s vip subscription for the game.

How To Earn StarCoins On MovieStarPlanet

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Among some of the online social interfaces for children and kids, MovieStarPlanet deserves a mention. Apart from its unique online social universe, the gaming interface offers highly secured access for children. Moreover, special resources such as star coins and diamonds are available to aggravate your gaming experience by quite a few notches. Now, you might be one of those prolific shoppers in the game, going on a shopping spree quite often. Well, if that is the case, then you must take utmost care to optimize your star coin resources. For the maximization of your star coins account, you will have to be knowledgeable and implement the best means of earning them.

Ways of earning

Now, the StarCoins are an integral part of the game. For an aggravated gaming experience, you will require star coins at every level of the game. Furthermore, these unique coins are a boost to your resources while planning for a purchase of costumes, movie backdrops, animations and various other specialities. Now, there are various means of enhancing your account. Firstly, spinning the coin wheel is judicious. For an efficient spinning of the wheel, you have to enter your account. Remember that the entire process is allowed only once, a day.


  • For unlimited resources of star coins, you can take up the gaming challenges on the floor. Also to this, you can purchase a pet from the pet chat room. While doing so, you can choose to click on the pets possessed by others. In turn, this will fetch more star coins. Apart from that, depending upon the level of the pets, you can finalize on the amounts of coins required, as each level offers certain specific amounts of coins.
  • Another most significant measure of adding umpteen amounts of coins to your account is taking on new play challenges. Say, for instance, you play the quiz. For every correct answer, you earn fame. Also to that, you are eligible for spinning the wheel. In this regard, playing the arcade game is the best option. It lets you earn lots of coins.
  • Making movies can also fetch you considerable lots of coins. You can earn up to approximately ten coins for a viewership of your movie. Apart from that, by featuring in others films, you can also earn a whooping amount of 50 coins. Having said that, it is also important for your movie to get the best reviews and ratings. Patient waiting is important, as the best reviews will fetch you more coins.
  • Apart from the ways mentioned above, you can also create brand new accounts and choose to rate your movies, looks and art books.

Love pets of other users

Well, for an uninhibited reserve of StarCoins, loving other’s pets can be a good option. While planning to do so, you will have to the pets of the players, playing above the 25th level. By loving a pet, you can earn up to one to three coins for your pets. Furthermore, watching the short movies can also prove to be advantageous. In case you rate the movie with a five star, you are eligible for a ten coins hike in your account.

What to Put Into MovieStarPlanet ArtBooks

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To convince other players to purchase stuff from your MovieStarPlanet Artbook, it is necessary for you to include all attractive items. Now, while preparing it, you must be careful about certain things. Firstly, a public setting is important. You cannot set the Artbook on private settings, as this will result in the loss of potential purchasers. Also to this, while providing the purchased products to a player, you must remember to mention gifting and not trading. Furthermore, it is also important for you to provide the purchased items to the owners. Or else, you may be reported against resulting in your banishment for the game.

Steps to follow

While preparing your ArtBooks store, you will have to be careful about certain aspects. First things first, you must take utmost care in trading safe. It means you cannot pretend and be an actual seller. Apart from that, it will be unworthy on your part, to trick purchasers in buying your stuff. An event of scam or trick, if reported, will result in the deletion of your account. Furthermore, the most important point worth remembering is the choice of products, included in the Artbook.

  • The presence of an inventory of attractive and stunning products will surely lure a large population of purchasers. Now, to initiate the rate of purchase, you will have to set your preferences right. Moreover, targeting the appropriate consumer is also important.
  • In case, your target consumer group is that of girls, you can include stunning dresses, outfits as well as shoes. These are the products, serving as a girl’s best companion for ages. Hence, girls will take keen interest in purchasing them. Also to this, you can add a diverse range of wigs.
  • Now, it might be the case that you want the boys to shop from your Artbook inventory. On such occasions, it will be judicious to include shirts and shoes. Also to this, you can choose to include tattoos in your list of items. It will attract the guys to the maximum extent. Moreover, include wigs for them to purchase.
  • To add products to your Artbook inventory, you will have to perform a few steps. After clicking on Movietown and subsequently Artbook, you will have to click on the icon of a purple shirt.
  • After the completion of the process, this icon will open your wardrobe in front of you. Now, you are eligible to drag the products, especially clothes, and add them to the white template. The added products are your saleable items.

Price your products

Apart from creating your ArtBooks, there is a lot more you can do to make it look attractive. Firstly, you can choose an exciting and beautiful background for it. There exists an icon representing a blue picture leading you to view all your purchased items. Moreover, you can complete your selection of the background, without making any movement on the white template. Another most intriguing feature available is the pricing for your products. Now, you are eligible for providing rates and prices for your products. Moreover, you can also provide individual price charts for them.

There’s A Huge Selection Of Costumes at MovieStarPlanet

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To climb the popularity charts at MovieStarPlanet, you need to take utmost care in selecting your costumes. That is not all; your sense of dressing and perception of style defines the aura of your personality. Therefore, alongside choosing outfits, you must be diligent in choosing the appropriate style that best suits you. Firstly, nail down your decision on the choice of style. You can choose to dress like a tomboy, or pick up the attire of a quintessential, beautiful girl. After making the choice in style, it is time for selecting the clothes. Amidst the available options, look for the outfits coordinating with each other and complementing your entire look.

Complete inventory of attractive costumes

While choosing an outfit, you can come across a plethora of options in MovieStarPlanet costumes. Moreover, costumes are classified into two categories. Either you can opt for the VIP items or the non VIP ones. Apart from that, post costume selection period, you are also eligible to choose the accessories. Elegant teardrop earrings perfectly complement your slumber party look. In case you have an affinity towards elegant dressing, opt for wedding silk tops and beautiful shoulder shrugs.


  • For attaining the unique chick look, you can purchase the Tartan leggings, from the non-VIP items’ inventory. In case you wish to purchase the VIP items, snowflake muffs, and pretty accessories completing the look.
  • For cutting a pretty picture in the winter costumes of MovieStarPlanet, you can purchase the geometric skirts with Navajo crop tops. To seal the look, go for the urban track shoes and quaint hair bunches. Apart from that, you can also dress up in the leather shorts, known as Fandango, along with breeze tops.
  • Now, if you want to attain the perfect summery look, go for heart tops in statement black and white shades. Pair the tops of ripped shorts, preferably of black color. Add some colour to entire outfit with golden colored hoop earrings. For some added style, pair the costumes with VIP furries.
  • In case you possess an affinity towards dressing smart and casual, you can select the ripped jeans, mostly available in the shade of black. Team it up with college jackets in dual shades of white and black. Add VIP trainers to the entire look. Seal the look with a baggy scarf and football shoes.
  • Attain the perfect celebrity look with a suit in the quintessential black and white shade. Accessorize the outfit with glares. Wild blonde hair and a touch of sparkling diamonds on the ears, complete the partygoer look for boys.

Available for both genders

Apart from the costumes mentioned above, there are some other magnificent MovieStarPlanet costumes. In case of a party or occasion, dress your MovieStar, in exquisite evening gowns, available in light creamy and peach shades. Accessorize, the outfit with diamond earrings and fresh dewy, make up. The complete inventory at the site also offers some unique makeup enhancements, such as external eyelashes. Apply them on your avatar to accentuate the eyes. Apart from the girls, boys can also team up their shirts with jackets and glasses. Tattoos are also an added attraction.

Explaining MovieStarPlanet Social Networking

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The MovieStarPlanet social networking platform offers unique social interaction premises for kids. Based on principles of the most popular social networking sites, it possesses some additional features.

Staying connected to friends and companions is amongst the most coveted wishes of an individual. Well, in case of children, the urge of staying in touch with peers and friends seem to be more. Therefore, the situation demands an online social networking media, assisting them in making friends and engaging in constructive endeavors. Now, while planning an online social play area or store for the kids, highly skilled coders have to take care of certain important points. Alongside being engaging and entertaining, the social playground has to be secure and safe for child access. Moreover, the interactive play options offered will aggravate their fun quotient.

Distinguished social networking platform

The MovieStarPlanet social networking offers unique and out-of-the-box options for children of 8 to 15 years. Moreover, the game offers a virtual interface for kids to make friends and maintain contacts. Engaging in exciting and interesting endeavors with friends; transform the gaming challenges into distinguished learning processes. Furthermore, children can take up interesting projects like filming short movies or designing an Artbook inventory. Finally, MovieStarPlanet promises an online social networking premise for the under 16 groups.


  • The online social platform of the game offers a virtual interface for children to build contacts. Hence, to some extent it bears a similarity with the other social media networking sites. But complete safety measures distinguish it from its contemporaries. Therefore, there are MovieStar characters representing you and making the conversations with others.
  • While indulging in MovieStarPlanet, you can record speeches and engage in voice chats through microphones. Instruction manuals on the recording are available. Usually, the microphones are found in the MovieStar chat rooms. Moreover, the interface promises a premise including friends, fortune and fame for players.
  • To do so, players have to earn considerable amounts of star coins. Making movies and selling stuff from Artbook are the most interesting options. It includes considerable reading and researching on their part, as they have to pen down screenplay for the movies.
  • Apart from that, inter-cultural introductions occur. Additionally, to the movies made by them, children do get a chance to see various other movies of different cultures. Therefore, cross cultural influences prevail, and better understanding of the English language is also there.
  • The functionality of the social networking interface of MovieStarPlanet is unique. Apart from efficient association building, it encourages the utilization of digital media. As an efficient tool for expressing creative endeavors, digital media renders great help. Moreover, kids also learn to create advanced speeches, dialogues, and texts, as they gain a better understanding of English.

Immense popularity of apps

With a whopping 250 million users of MovieStarPlanet social networking, this social networking universe is growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, the highly skilled experts of the virtual universe take great care in providing the most innovated products for children. Since its inception on 2009, this social interaction interface has gained prestigious grounds. Enhanced communication results in increased interaction, subsequently building the confidence quotient of children from various schools, gradesand cultural backgrounds. Improve on your networking skill and make new friends.